Selasa, 08 November 2011

111108 Leeteuk and Choi Siwon Celebrate Super Junior’s 6th Anniversary

 Super Junior members Lee Teuk and Choi Siwon thanked their fans on their group’s 6th anniversary.
Lee Teuk first tweeted his thanks, saying, “2005/11/6-2011/11/6, six years. I thank my members, who taught me what happiness, joy, tears and friendship are, our staff and our lovable and precious E.L.F.s! We’ll be together until the day we die! I look up to you and I love you.”
Choi Siwon also tweeted a photo with a message reading, “We’ve been walking together for six years already. I thank you so much and I hope we can walk together and laugh in the long times to come. I thank you again and I love you! Let’s celebrate our 6th anniversary!”
In the photo Choi Siwon is wearing a police suit and saluting to the camera with the ocean behind him. The photo seems to have been taken at the set for KBS2 drama Poseidon, in which Choi is currently acting as police officer Kim Sun Woo.
At this netizens and fans left reactions such as “We hope Super Junior lasts forever,” “Let’s stay together for 60, even 600 years” and “Super Junior, E.L.F.! Let’s go!”
Super Junior has released five studio albums since its debut in 2005, and is gathering much popularity not only in Korea but also overseas. The group is especially notable for having stayed at the top of a Taiwanese music chart for 64 weeks with Bonamana.

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