Senin, 21 November 2011

111121 Super Junior revealed the third stop of SS4

Yesterday, after completion of concert in Seoul, Super Junior revealed their World Tour Schedule.
As announced earlier, Super Junior’s second stop will be in Japan where they will hold two day concerts. Super Show 4′s third stop will be Taipei, where SJ will perform for three consecutive days from February 3.
It is not confirmed yet whether it would be Leeteuk’s last concert, as he is expected to enlist in army next year.
Moreover, Super Junior also revealed the list of countries they will be holding concerts. The list includes cities in Europe, Americas, Asia, and most strikingly, Middle East countries.
1. Seoul, Korea
2. Osaka, Japan
3. Taipei
4. Beijing
5. Bangkok
6. Singapore
7. Milan, Italy
8. L.A, USA
9. Chile
10. Buenos Aires, Argentina
11. Paris, France
12. Kuwait
13. Venezuela
14. Panama
15. Vietnam
16. Spain
17. Germany
18. Mexico
19. Jakarta, Indonesia
20. Peru
21. Dubai
22. Malaysia

Horee.. indonesia masuk kategori yah? ALHAMDULILLAH yah? #ala Syahrini# :)

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