Senin, 14 November 2011

111114 Siwon & Kyuhyun’s letter to a girl student [SS4 VCR]

To Min Seo’s girlfriend Yeon Joo…
Yeon Joo ah, do you think that the relationship you have now is love?
Do you think that the relationship called love you now have is responsible for everything? It definitely is not.
According to the 25 year old oppa who sincerely wrote to Yeon Joo right before this, all men are the same.
The ones who meet you and let you drink, let you smoke, or ask for too much from you, you can spit at their face and then slap their face!!! That’s right, you should do that!!!!
That kind of guy needs to wake up… and learn what responsibility is!!!
Break up, learn well and work your way up!!
Although you are going to be sad, that is the only way… this is the right way.
After you get into university you’ll meet… it’s not good
When you become an adult, even if you don’t like him you’ll have to do it.
Endure it, learn well, righting!!
The pain you suffer now will make Yeon Joo happy in the future… <3
From The 26 year old oppa worried about Yeon Joo on autumn 2011.
ps. Get the english word (xxxxxx can’t see properly) then you can memorize it. You have to use it often TIP!
(Kyuhyun wrote this) Although this oppa writes better than oppa, but oppa (Kyuhyun) studies better!
(Siwon replies) That oppa is a wolf… He is a science student.. not english.. listen to me.

Korean to Chinese Translation by: PSYCHO
Chinese to English Translation by:

to cute Minseo’s Yeonju…
hello, Yeonju~ I’m 25 yesrs old idol oppa… do you believe in destiny?
I read your letter full of your love to Minseo by accident
seeing 17 years old pure young girl’s letter, I am also got exited…
I feel sorry to read your letter,but it is all bcs oppa is worried about little sister
I have known that you two have been together for a long time
you want to become a campus couple after you finish high school and go to a same college
this is really a wrong thought
all men are the same… are wolves!
and that young fellow Minseo is also a beast!
so you should only believe in oppa…
if Minseo asks you to go somewhere only by you two or to go on a 2 days 1 night trip, if he says so, i can know what he is thinking about in his heart
dont stay the night together before you are adults
and if you drink with guys in the later(when you are adult), if they ask you to drink, and they let you drink some beverage with alcohol, you can just scold them, because they are all bad guys!
anyway, I hope you can have a happy love
now you should not go too deep with a guy
though you can just laugh and say you dont care but you will regret for it afterwards
oppa will be back at that time
i will be back!
*P.S: yeonju ya, not “도데체” it should be”도대체”
*Kyuhyun corrected this girl’s words on her letter to her boyfriend XD
So, Super Junior were filming for SS4 VCR in a highschool. So, Kyuhyun sat on a girl’s chair, and found her diary (+her letter to her boyfriend) on her table. So he just left a message/letter for her XD

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