Sabtu, 05 November 2011

SJ’s Ryeowook’s praising words for Leader and sweet friendship with Hyung

 Since few days Super junior member Ryeowook is showing his amicable relations with other SJ members, first it was Eunhyuk & Sungmin then Kyuhyun & Donghae. And now he has shared pictures with SJ’s leader Leeteuk and friendly hyung Shindong.
Ryeowook tweeted, “Great leader Leeteuk hyung, who has stayed strong for Super Junior and My best friend Dong, Shindong.. Please stay next to me as you now..Have a good day!”
In these pictures their sparkling eyes and shining faces are evidence of so much affection between them.
Fans commented, “awesome leader and eternal maknae. so cute”, “Leeteuk is the best leader ever”, “Shindong and you look so adorable”, “oppa who is next?”

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